I met him once on a popular social media. He was tall and lanky, his body covered in hair reminded me of my soft smooth night blanket. He wore a bright smile just like his eyes wore a coffee-colored medicated reading glasses.And when he smiled… eeiii pooh! his smile broke the chains  lock around my heart just like that! We messaged hi’s and hello’s here and there, i looked up his pictures and i saw his swag! Darm the boy got it!

And then that lonely rainy day when GOD became so angry that he poured the whole heavens down like boom boom! I mastered courage and dialed his number…ring ring, he picked!

“HELLO?”  his voice thundered above the  sound of the rains. My heart skipped a beat and i nearly suffered a heart attack.

“hi, Ebo? ” i whispered , “are you okay? i mean i am…”

“who’s this?” 

“the girl. No ,the woman you spoke to on. NO,  i mean your facebook friend, we chatted about lions and  and..”

“WHAT?” His voice roared.

“Sweetheart who’s that on the line?” I heard her clear  and loud. i dreaded her smooth silky heavy british accent. You could tell she flown first class and wore victoria underwears and that she was the type that wore high heels even to the bathroom; the reason why i hated her the more.

“some crazy girl maybe,” i heard him said.

” Put that damn phone down! and let’s make some love!” it was an ordered, she just ordered him like that; my man. I slipped to the floor imagining what that  wicked -mean girl was doing to my man, my man ooh!

my man


That little circle of ours

When we meet in that little circle of ours

It is as if the world was ours and we the world

For i breathe only you and wish each night never pass

Your arms are my shelter Your words fill me with joy

I dance along to your sweet words and am dazed with the glory from your eyes

When your lips touch mine, the taste captures my emotions

I look around and It is as if we are the only ones here-in love with love

In that little circle of ours

Jan 9, 2012


sweet loving is hard to find but once u do it’s sweeter than honey,brighter than the moonlight.
The kisses get more passionate than the passion friut,
The heart faster than a drum.
Sweet-loving…lovely than the lilies.
The heart loses itself and the spirit feels new like the morning dew upon the fields.
Nov 18, 2011


Dear Mr. sweet-lips,

It all started when you touched me
How was i to know i would feel this way
My constant denials kept my heart far away

And now i am telling you this because i’m dizzy, drunk from  a bottle of red wine

When you kissed
Supposed Flawless worldview changed.I broke away but seconds later i knew it was your lips i wanted to kiss forever

And now i’m telling you this because i’m dizzy, drunk from  a bottle of red wine

You were right there in front of me and i never saw you..i was busy chasing another guy
whose lips tasted like sawdust


a dizzy women.

Heart break

I can’t take it anymore
And don’t tell me it would be alright
I can’t help it when it’s lovers day and the lovebirds simply won’t finish up with their love talks in the park
I can’t take it anymore
When friends meet and i’ve absolutely nothing to add to the gossip…no weekend kiss, not even a phone call nor a careless smile my way
I can’t take it anymore
And don’t tell me it’s alright
I am totally tired of living with mr. Rights of different romantic shades in my fantasyland
I can’t take it!

The day i went mad!

The day i went mad
Oladi called out
But i didn’t hear him
He pulled his wheel barrow to a halt
But i didn’t notice him
He shouted three times
But i just stared afar
He waved his hand in front of me
But it was as if i was blind
He reached out and touched me with his rough hand
But i couldn’t feel a thing
He pushed me against the dawadawa tree
But i just slipped to the was the day i went mad
When i heard the marriage bells of kwame in the town’s square
That was the day i went mad

You don’t understand

Low voices whispering high notes of pleasant love lyrics

You don’t understand
You just don’t
Of how it feels to be lonely
Nor how it tastes to be bitten by the cold wind

The shadows are dancing vigorously , attempting to lure me

You don’t understand
You just don’t
Of how it hurts, to have no one
Of having dry lips yearn for kisses
For you are up above the skies with all its glories

You don’t understand
No you just don’t
Of how my breasts longs to be cuddled
Nor how my heart weeps