It’s absolutely nonsense when a politician in Ghana expects us..should i say me to clap hands simply because their party built mere school buildings, a misery  hospital and changed a few ready-to die roads to  waiting-to-die roads. When in truth individuals / social entrepreneurs take less months to do so.

Let no GOD-FORSAKEN-POLITICIAN tell me he has done this or that  with my own taxes i pay … he is a ‘fearo’ . let him compete with the likes of Japan who is building a huge solar farm! let him do something that would make the ant also stopped and say…’AEEH  today Ghana too is doing something aside the dead-things’

It’s makes no sense hence nonsense to queue in long disgusting lines under the merciless sun that can cook a whole tuber of yam in hour  just to vote for thieves, pretenders and swindlers,i rather sit at home, pour myself a tall-glass-of-wine-in -ice and watch some documentaries on lions and tigers in the jungle.

If my best friend or boyfriend became a politician…i would cut off all contact with them. i would buy a big gallon of parazone…the one that can erase body touch and smells dating from five years back. i would scratch and scrubbed till i drop on the floor tired.

Because i know for a fact that any good left in him (boyfriend) and her(best friend) would vanish in a week. For i know even the mice at home would lose their stale bread. And as for the kisses and the caresses ,i would coma-myself into long seconds and i can assure you the next day i would hold no memories of them. And if i met him-my -former-boyfriend-gone-politician…he better hide, for the venom in my eyes he would not bear!

So if your relative is a politician in Ghana-PUT YOUR HANDS IN SHAME on your head and weep! not because they are condemned morally but because they have sold their souls to the devil and stained their hands with the blood of the dead, the hungry ,the unemployed graduates ……

They are a batch of no-sense  …simply put nonsense!