No matter how you tell yourself; it’s okay,

No matter how you think you’re preparing to handle it,

There’s not enough  preparations that can cushion the heart to take death’s heavy blow.

And so not even Time can erase the  emotions, or replace the void.

Even when you know you too would be caught by death’s long hands into the bottomless pit of no-return, you still cannot accept it! No! you refuse to accept it! It doesn’t  matter if you’re 20 or 50 or 70 you still want to live on and see the world go on. Who knows? Perhaps the moment of your scheduled death would be the time the latest-smart-phone is lunched.

Sometimes there is fear, the real fear that imprison you and sets you gaga…like the day-before-yesterday, when you heard a young man had died from a car accident… you refuse to go out , you sell your car and give the offerings to God(hoping to bribe him, but genuinely,  you do it to beg him.)  You refuse to pick a cab; you prefer to walk and so you walk and walk ; your legs all dusty. But you stop when the next day an elderly man dies on that same road; knocked down by a vehicle.

You become so  obsessed with death that you stalk him or it it her? You keep an updated list of people who die in a  week , month , year and their cause of death….

You stop eating pepper soup because ; someone got choked and died

You stop smoking because lung cancer can kill,

You put OUT ALL  your-shining-things in your house because you heard thunder can strike you dead,

You stop eating your favorite peanut butter because; some one died from it’s allergy.

You are so paranoid that you forget sleep too can kill and so one day you go to bed and you never wake. Who do we ask? Where do we go? Who are we to question Death?



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