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On Saturday, 20th September 2014, Portia Dery organised a programme to inculcate reading and writing into the youngsters of today. The programme was dubbed “A Fun Day for Reading and Writing”. It took place at the Northern Regional Library in the Tamale Metropolis and was well patronized. Many speakers were invited to interact with the children, including myself. In Africa, many know the safest place to keep a treasure is in a book because people do not like to read. This is what Portia Dery seeks to curb. A very noble gesture by the young writer and blogger. Here are some of the moments.


The children enjoyed the reading and learning moments, played to their satisfaction and drank the official Ghanaian drink Soobolo with pineapple taste. In all, it was a successful event. Congratulations Portia Dery for following through your good vision.

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My comrade, my antagonist

my little poetic side


My best friend, my back stabber

My sister, my enemy

My counselor, my gossip monger

Your breadwinner, my movement blaster

Your cross bearer, my cross

Jealous rages piled, yet my success stories I kept sharing

Envy killing, my clear mind sharing more

It took years to see behind that fragile body

It is hard to swallow

I still can’t Fathom.

Evidence too glaring

Jigsaw presenting a clean picture now

Evidence of my name in the mud

And guess who was gathering the mud over my name

My comrade, my antagonist


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Interview with Golden Baobab Prize Longlist Author Ricky Ansong

Creative Writing Ghana

This week, we will publish short interviews with some of the Ghanaian authors on the Golden Baobab Prize longlist released a few weeks ago. It is our hope that this introduces the authors to you. As this is only the longlist, we are not looking to pose probing questions, but rather intend the questions to be quite cursory in their outlook.

Today, we start with Ricky Ansong, a young Ghanaian writer and author of Koryor and the Sea. We (CWG) started by asking Ricky how he heard about the prize and why he decided to send in his entry.

Ricky Ansong Ricky Ansong

Ricky Ansong (RA): I heard about the Prize through Twitter. I decided to enter this category because I love writing for children and I wanted validation from Golden Baobab. I wanted to know if what I wrote for children was good enough.

CWG: How did you receive the news about the longlist, where were you and how did you feel?

RA:I received the news about the longlist through an email. I was then at the Vodafone Café at Cantoments. I felt like my heart would explode. I had to take a walk around the compound to calm my racing heart.

CWG: Is this your first time making a Longlist? What are writing at the moment?

RA: Yes, this is my first time making a longlist. I am working on a young adult novel currently.

CWG: In the past prizes, very…

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