That little circle of ours

When we meet in that little circle of ours

It is as if the world was ours and we the world

For i breathe only you and wish each night never pass

Your arms are my shelter Your words fill me with joy

I dance along to your sweet words and am dazed with the glory from your eyes

When your lips touch mine, the taste captures my emotions

I look around and It is as if we are the only ones here-in love with love

In that little circle of ours

Jan 9, 2012



Poetry for Peace
Thunder is fast approaching but the aroma of peace is still missing.
Women with childern pinned to their backs run here and there looking for shelter..but alas peace is faraway!
Our hearts have become a bed for fear,despair and helplessness.
Our women have become drawings displayed in forgotten art show rooms
Thurder is fast approaching but the aroma of peace is missing
Where and when will we find you..
We are tired of singing dirges everyday..we need peace
written for YWJ
Oct 1


sweet loving is hard to find but once u do it’s sweeter than honey,brighter than the moonlight.
The kisses get more passionate than the passion friut,
The heart faster than a drum.
Sweet-loving…lovely than the lilies.
The heart loses itself and the spirit feels new like the morning dew upon the fields.
Nov 18, 2011

The day it came! (part 1)

The heavy rains came and went
The sunny sun shone bright and dimmed
And then almost out of no where it came with a bang..boom throwing everything on its way.The chickens fled to safety creating a new dance, the goats bleated composing a new song.And then it rose up and down, high higher and low lower.It spread its wings broadly, its claws ready to grab a prey
Ooh no the children screamed,their hearts leaped a thousand time,women’s cloth gave way for spicy eyes to view their curvy bodies That day…



Dear Mr. sweet-lips,

It all started when you touched me
How was i to know i would feel this way
My constant denials kept my heart far away

And now i am telling you this because i’m dizzy, drunk from  a bottle of red wine

When you kissed
Supposed Flawless worldview changed.I broke away but seconds later i knew it was your lips i wanted to kiss forever

And now i’m telling you this because i’m dizzy, drunk from  a bottle of red wine

You were right there in front of me and i never saw you..i was busy chasing another guy
whose lips tasted like sawdust


a dizzy women.

Heart break

I can’t take it anymore
And don’t tell me it would be alright
I can’t help it when it’s lovers day and the lovebirds simply won’t finish up with their love talks in the park
I can’t take it anymore
When friends meet and i’ve absolutely nothing to add to the gossip…no weekend kiss, not even a phone call nor a careless smile my way
I can’t take it anymore
And don’t tell me it’s alright
I am totally tired of living with mr. Rights of different romantic shades in my fantasyland
I can’t take it!