Today i begun to process all the happenings in my life after i found and trusted GOD. But instead of being consoled or at peace, i become confused ,shocked and speechless. I just could not understand the whys and hows, it was as if the very things i called miracles in my life were just not fit to be described as such…they were more then miracles.
Then fear caught my heart, for nothing made sense anymore.
So i have come to the conclusion that no one can really understand the mind of GOD.


The day i went mad!

The day i went mad
Oladi called out
But i didn’t hear him
He pulled his wheel barrow to a halt
But i didn’t notice him
He shouted three times
But i just stared afar
He waved his hand in front of me
But it was as if i was blind
He reached out and touched me with his rough hand
But i couldn’t feel a thing
He pushed me against the dawadawa tree
But i just slipped to the was the day i went mad
When i heard the marriage bells of kwame in the town’s square
That was the day i went mad