A glorious thank you!

A glorious thank you!.


It’s complicated(part two)

They found a new-kind-of-love within themselves
Until one sunny sunday when they all met. He with his lanky wife and she with her pot-bellied husband
His wife exclaimed “ohh brother. Good to meet you”
And her husband jumped “ohh sister, how excellent!”
“brother-sister?” they shouted
His wife beamed with joy “sure, darling-we are siblings”
Her husband asked proudly “why, you two know each other?Don’t tell me you’re brother-sister too!”
Almost, almost simultaneously they bursted out “it’s complicated”

It’s complicated(part one)

He asked her if she was single
She laughed-out-loud “it’s complicated”
He stared hard at her “are you serious. You must be joking right?”
She smiled “it’s so true”
He pulled her to his chest and said “i don’t care, although i am married i would take the bait.”
It was her tend to look surprised “married?”
He laughed “it’s complicated”
And so a forbidden love begun. They crepted out day-in-day-out to meet under the oak tree behind the old house
He whispered and she giggled.

A glorious thank you!

A weary heart i carried
A battered heart i owned
A stonic look i gave
A broken spirit i carried
All, until your miracle smiled at me
And even when i heard the village women yell ”the storm is over. come out” i still did not believe it, for fear had created a comfortable home in my heart.
But you, you never gave up on me
But you ,you never stopped loving me
And now,even now i stand in awe…speechless,useless unable to think out
For what uttered thank-you(s) can demonstrate how grateful i am .