To totally, depend on nothing, accept God is not an easy decision to make. This would require not just a heart made of iron but that of a star… for it is only when your heart shines like a star that you would be able to shine through your problems, dilemmas, fears, disillusions, and temptations.
To totally, wait upon the lord only is not an easy step to take… its takes more then just commitment, goodwill, good intentions and courage. This would require a patience spirit that soars through the pains, for it is only a patience spirit that can listen and obey the voice of the lord.
To totally, accept God’s will and nothing else is a challenge of the heart… this would mean trust.



Two old women tried climbing up the hills on their broken knees.
They tried their best, but their poor old legs wouldn’t carry them up.
They prowled and crawled,
They limped and jumped,
They sung and danced,
But they never got up the hills.
In the end, they sat at the bottom of the hills and wished they were young
But time flying by looked down and laughed,
“You had your time, now it’s time to be tamed.”